Always 20s

Being in 20s is the best time to be. It’s the prime of your life when nights end at 5 am in morning followed by mornings at 9 am. This is the time when everything takes place early. Like hitting a gym on Monday and noticing remarkable differences by Friday. Being in 20’s in today’s generation is being blessed with high end technology, something the previous generations has never seen. The ones in 20s have the opportunity to achieve what they want at a drop of a hat. Thus this wont last forever and you can definitely ask your parents or mentors about it.  The blog by sari moon puts together a list of ways  to take advantage of your 20s

The blog says that we don’t need to answer all the calls and messages the moment it comes. We live in a time that takes less than a minute to reach a person by a call or a message. No one would die if not answered.

The blog further says that being in 20s give you the advantage of asking for what is owed to you. It says  you must make your needs known to people , else no on e can read your mind.

It says that the initial fear gives way to excitement. If you’re unhappy and someone offers you to help, you must take it.

It says you must make use of all the energy you have in your 20s

True friends are those gems you collect in your 20’s. Those assets that stay with you for a long time. So make friends in your 20s.

Small things like letting your parents buy you traveling ticket, from savoring hangovers, taking all vacation, must be taken an advantage for.

The best of all is to learn how to cook. Coz in order to win over a guy, it important n necessary that you must know how to cook, since its said that the way to a mans heart is through his stomach.


We all have crap we try to wrap

 Fashion in all sense is constantly changing. If you Are confused about how to cover up those body parts that are not  that don’t add up to your appeal then u must stop by the blog ‘Stilettos Diary’.  This blog updates a fashion tip every now and then for all those pretty ladies who have a problem in putting together there dress straight from their wardrobe.

The blog talks not just about the dresses but also about the right color and hues. The blog talks about fifty shades of yellow for the upcoming heated summer for all skin tones.

It talks about everything, from smart casuals to ethnic Indian wear.  This blog is a savior not just for the teenagers but is updated keeping all age groups and their enquiries in mind.

From what to wear in office to what to sport in a wedding, stilettos diaries has the solution for it.

For those who love to look few more inches taller but do not know how to carry off heels. This blog is dreams come true for them, since it gives out tips on how to walk in high heels.

What’s in fashion and what’s out, this blog says it all.

Mirrored strips,  dots and furs, black and white, round and sleek, from how o drape a saree to  hw to carry off formals. It says it all.

 So dudettes and ladies, we all have crap that we need to wrap and now you know where to stop by when u need some fashion help!

Here, There and Everywhere….

When life gives u a thousand reasons to cry, sit back and think of those little moments of joy u get … here, there and everywhere. In our fast paced lives, we fail to appreciate those little things that are awesome. never realized it myself unless i came across a blog on 1000 awesome things.It is a regularly updated, Webby  Award winning blog, written by Neil Pasricha that posts one awesome thing in life each weekday. the topics covered on the blog varies from Wearing underwear just out of the dryer, to Watching your odometer click over a major milestone and Ordering off the menu at fast food restaurants. One awesome thing is posted every week and the website has a live stat counter and by now has over 48 million hits. His blogs give people a reason to smile over things they must have witnessed themselves in the past. Through some revealing series of his blog, the author (Neil Pasricha) shares that his personal divorce and a friends suicide prompted him to continue looking  for positive things in life. His blog 1000 awesome thing savors life’s simple pleasures, from free refills to clean sheets. His blog entries are nostalgic, humorous or reflective, but are always positive.He defines an awesome thing as free, simple and universal. his blogs are like an escape for those going through hardship, something to talk about for those who are bored at job, and a therapy or a reminder for many to  look forward to things in life. Hence, Neil Pasricha uses his power of blogging to spread a little  optimism each day about the awesome things that make life worth living. 🙂