Always 20s

Being in 20s is the best time to be. It’s the prime of your life when nights end at 5 am in morning followed by mornings at 9 am. This is the time when everything takes place early. Like hitting a gym on Monday and noticing remarkable differences by Friday. Being in 20’s in today’s generation is being blessed with high end technology, something the previous generations has never seen. The ones in 20s have the opportunity to achieve what they want at a drop of a hat. Thus this wont last forever and you can definitely ask your parents or mentors about it.  The blog by sari moon puts together a list of ways  to take advantage of your 20s

The blog says that we don’t need to answer all the calls and messages the moment it comes. We live in a time that takes less than a minute to reach a person by a call or a message. No one would die if not answered.

The blog further says that being in 20s give you the advantage of asking for what is owed to you. It says  you must make your needs known to people , else no on e can read your mind.

It says that the initial fear gives way to excitement. If you’re unhappy and someone offers you to help, you must take it.

It says you must make use of all the energy you have in your 20s

True friends are those gems you collect in your 20’s. Those assets that stay with you for a long time. So make friends in your 20s.

Small things like letting your parents buy you traveling ticket, from savoring hangovers, taking all vacation, must be taken an advantage for.

The best of all is to learn how to cook. Coz in order to win over a guy, it important n necessary that you must know how to cook, since its said that the way to a mans heart is through his stomach.


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