We all have crap we try to wrap

 Fashion in all sense is constantly changing. If you Are confused about how to cover up those body parts that are not  that don’t add up to your appeal then u must stop by the blog ‘Stilettos Diary’.  This blog updates a fashion tip every now and then for all those pretty ladies who have a problem in putting together there dress straight from their wardrobe.

The blog talks not just about the dresses but also about the right color and hues. The blog talks about fifty shades of yellow for the upcoming heated summer for all skin tones.

It talks about everything, from smart casuals to ethnic Indian wear.  This blog is a savior not just for the teenagers but is updated keeping all age groups and their enquiries in mind.

From what to wear in office to what to sport in a wedding, stilettos diaries has the solution for it.

For those who love to look few more inches taller but do not know how to carry off heels. This blog is dreams come true for them, since it gives out tips on how to walk in high heels.

What’s in fashion and what’s out, this blog says it all.

Mirrored strips,  dots and furs, black and white, round and sleek, from how o drape a saree to  hw to carry off formals. It says it all.

 So dudettes and ladies, we all have crap that we need to wrap and now you know where to stop by when u need some fashion help!


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